Color Palette

The Color Palette is used in many panels, browsers, the Entity Editor, and dialogs to specify the color of an entity.

This Color attribute is generally indicated by a small colored box next to the entity name; clicking on this box opens a Color Palette from which you can select a new color for that entity.

Figure 1.
If you have multiple entities selected, you can click to automatically assign unique colors to them.
Note: Auto color is not available from the Entity Editor.

You can also click to assign and save custom colors.

When specifying arguments within certain macro script commands, 64 individual colors are supported. Each of these colors has a specific number assigned to it. You can use color arguments to select colors for entities without having to use the Color Palette. Use the charts shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 to determine the integer value for a color argument.

Figure 2. HyperWorks Desktop Color Palette

Figure 3. HyperMesh and Engineering Solutions Color Palette