Aero-Structure Pressure Interpolation-Interactive

Restriction: Only available in the Aerospace-Nastran and OptiStruct user profile in Engineering Solutions.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Loads/BCs > Aero-Pressure Interpolation.
  2. Select Interactive.
  3. Select the input file where the aero mesh and the value of the Cp is stored.
    Sign of the pressure (as PLOAD card) can be inverted with respect to the value in the input file by activating the checkbox.
  4. Set up the unit conversion to make the aero mesh data compliant with the structural mesh.
  5. Select the interpolation parameters for the pressure field realization.
  6. Import the aeromesh in the form of a HyperMesh component, and name this collector.
    You can also contour the value of the Cp on this set of elements.
  7. Select the elements.
    The pressure load coming from the external input is realized, and is assigned to a specific load collector. You can contour this newly mapped quantity.
  8. Click Review to open two HyperView clients side-by-side where both aero and remapped structural pressure are contoured for comparison.