Example: Cable Reference Direction - Disconnected from an Installation

Consider an example where a cable is disconnected from the installation / geometry.

The cable cross section orientation is indicated by:
  • dotted green line: v vector
  • blue line: u vector
  • solid dark green line: cable reference direction
Note: CADFEKO tries to orientate the v vector at the start of the cable path to align with the cable reference direction automatically using the constraint that the u and v vector must be perpendicular to the cable path.

Figure 1. Cable reference direction with an installation present.
When using the cable reference direction where the cable is disconnected from the geometry, the following is required when connecting circuit elements in the schematic view:
  • No bonding impedances are allowed in the harness, for example, no termination / interconnect circuit connections to the installation.
  • All cable paths should at least have two signals in the outermost problem.
  • All cable paths in the harness should have an orientation vector defined (if that path does not have any nearby geometry / installation).

Figure 2. Cable schematic view with cable reference direction set.