Sweeping the Rectangle Along a Line

Create a cuboid by sweeping the rectangle along a line (path).

Tip: For demonstrative purposes, a rectangle is swept along a path to create a cuboid. The preferred method to create a cuboid is to make use of the cuboid primitive.
  1. Select Rectangle1 in the model tree.
  2. On the Construct tab, in the Extend group, click the  Path sweep icon.

    Note: Selecting Rectangle1 in the tree enables Path sweep on the ribbon.
  3. Click Line1 in the model tree to use as the path.
  4. On the Create path sweep dialog, specify the Alignment, Twist angle and Scale factor. For this example, use the default values.

    Tip: You are encouraged to modify the settings and to investigate its effect on the preview in the 3D view.
  5. Click Create to create the path sweep and to close the dialog.