Topics Discussed in this Example

Before starting this example, check if the topics discussed in this example are relevant to the intended application and experience level.

The topics discussed in this example are:
    • Launch CADFEKO.
    • Define variables to create a parametric model.
    • Add a custom workplane.
    • Create a rectangle.
    • Create a line.
    • Create a cuboid by sweeping the rectangle along the line.
    • Create a flare.
    • Union the flare and cuboid to ensure the parts are electrically connected.
    • Remove a redundant face in the flare to create a horn.
    • Add a feed pin to the line.
    • Use automatic selection in the 3D view.
    • Create an ellipse and subtract the shape from the cuboid face to create a hole.
    • Create a dielectric cuboid and change its faces to metal.
    • Align the horn relative to another object.
Note: Follow the example steps in the order it is presented as each step uses its predecessor as a starting point.
Tip: Find the completed model in the Altair installation directory, for example: