Removing Redundant Geometry Faces

Delete the redundant faces in the geometry to create a horn.

To aid in the deletion of the redundant faces, set the opacity of the geometry.

  1. On the 3D View context tab, on the Display options tab, in the Style group, click the  Opacity icon
  2. Select 40% from the drop-down list.

After the opacity of the geometry has been set, the faces can be deleted.

  1. Select Union1 in the model tree.
  2. View the faces of Union1 in the details tree (listed in Faces group).
  3. Select the corresponding faces highlighted in the image in the details tree.

  4. Select Delete from the right-click context menu.

    Note: The PEC regions are removed when one of the region's enclosing faces are deleted.
  5. Set the opacity back to 100%.
  6. Inspect the horn in the 3D view and confirm that it is correct.