Aligning the Horn on Another Object

Align the back face centre of the horn on the front upper edge of the cuboid.

  1. Select Subtract1 in the model tree.
  2. On the Transform tab, in the Transform group, click the  Align icon.
  3. Place the Source workplane by holding down Ctrl+Shift to snap to the face centre at the back of the horn.

The destination workplane is to be set on the top and nearest edge of the cuboid at an angle of 45° to the cuboid.

  1. Rotate the horn by using a sequence of rotations around the U,V and/or N axis, depending on the original placement and direction of the source workplane.
    Tip: To rotate by 45°, enter 45 in the field of the relevant axis and press one or a combination of the , , or buttons.

  2. Click OK to apply the transform and to close the dialog.

Union the cuboid and horn to ensure mesh connectivity.

  1. Select both Cuboid1 and Subtract1 in the model tree.
  2. On the Construct tab, in the Modify group, click the  Union icon.