Object Properties

Modify an object's rendering properties such as visibility, shadows, caustics, mask index, and beveling.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Rendering tab.
  2. Click the Object Properties icon.
    Enable the following features:
    Name Description
    Invisible to camera The object is invisible but still contributes to the lighting environment (i.e., it casts shadows, reflects light, etc.).
    Do not cast shadows The object is visible but does not cast shadows.
    Do not receive shadows (Raytracing) The object does not receive shadows from other objects. This property only functions when the rendering engine is set to Raytracing.
    Hide back faces Each face (or surface) has two sides: front and back. Make faces invisible when viewed from the rear.
    Do not receive caustics The object does not receive caustics. Caustics are complex refractions caused when light passes through transparent objects.

    Figure 1. Do not receive caustics
    Figure 2. Receive caustics
    Mask index Create an image mask to provide an editable rendering in Photoshop. If an index is specified beyond zero, all objects with the same index create a single mask.
    Auto beveling Make the edges of the object appear rounded, creating a photo-realistic rendering.
    • Angle: When the angle between two adjacent faces is greater or equal to this value, the edge is beveled.
    • Radius: The apparent radius of the "rounded" edge.
  3. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.