Add Callouts to Results

Create callouts for selected result types at points of interest on your model.

After running an analysis, click the Show Analysis Results icon. Options for callouts appear at the bottom on the Analysis Explorer.

Callout Icon Description Note
Create, Show, and Hide Callouts

Click the icon, then click a point on the model to create a callout. After creating callouts, click the icon to show/hide the callouts in the modeling window.
List Callouts

Display a list of all callouts in a table. Each callout is specific to the selected run. Click the icons in the table to show/hide individual callouts.
Min/Max Callouts

Create a callout showing where the minimum/maximum value occurs for the selected result type. Click the min/max callout in the modeling window to create a regular callout at the same location.

Display a plot of the results for which callouts have been created.
  • Select a callout to highlight it in the plot.
  • Select the callout label in the plot to hide it.

Dynamic Callouts: Make callouts dynamic, so they display the value of the currently selected result type.