Manual E-Line Method

Below are the steps for Manual E-Line Creation method, in which you will be creating connector locations by selecting single or multiple master and slave components and providing various parameters. Select Manual radio button in Method, and the panel will be displayed as below Manual E-line Method: t

Figure 1.
You can do the following operations in the panel -
  • Master Component(s) - to select the master component
  • Slave Component(s) - to select the respective slave component for interface creation
  • Geometric Lines - to select the geometric line for the selected components
  • Spacing and Search Distance- numerical value to define the spacing between the connector placements
  • Interface Name - to select and define a name for the interface
  • E-Line Type - drop down list to select the required line type. Line types are -
    • Rattle
    • Squeak
  • Gap Direction - to define the gap direction with respect to master component. SnRD supports two directions, namely:
    • Normal to Master - where the gap direction is perpendicular to master component
    • In-plane to Master - where the gap direction is in plane, or is not perpendicular to master component
  • Define the Contact Types based on the Youngs' Modulus.
  • Create - after making the necessary selections, you can click Create. This will create the connector locations in the model
  • Undo - you can revok or undo the connectors created in the immediate previous step