Auto E-Line Method

Steps for Auto E-Line Creation method, in which you can create connector locations between multiple components at once.

The panel for Auto E-line Method:

Figure 1.
You can do the following operations in the panel:
  • Components - to select components between which the interface has to be created
  • Geometric Lines - to select the geometric line for the selected components
  • Spacing and Search Distance- numerical value to define the spacing between the connector placements
  • Interface Name - to select and define a name for the interface
  • E-Line Type - drop down list to select the required line type. Line types are -
    • Rattle
    • Squeak
  • Gap Direction - to define the gap direction with respect to master component. SnRD supports two directions, namely:
    • Normal to Master - where the gap direction is perpendicular to master component
    • In-plane to Master - where the gap direction is not perpendicular, or is in plane to master component
  • Define the Contact Types based on the Youngs' Modulus.
  • Create - after making the necessary selections, you can click Create. This will create the connector locations in the model