OptiStruct Interface 2021.1 Release Notes

OptiStruct Interface

New Features

ID Pool for Elements
  • Connector elements (RBE2,RBE3,RJOINT,RBE1, GENEL,etc), Aeroelasticity panels, and structural elements can share same ID space in OptiStruct.
  • To handle OptiStruct behavior, the interface now supports ID pool for structural and connector elements.
  • Duplicate ID's are supported for elements, properties, and aeroelasticity panel HyperMesh entities in the OptiStruct interface.
  • A new solver option added in import browser, “renumber the ids to match solver ids,” for elements with shared id space are synced with solver ids during the import process.
Mechanism Browser
  • Support of Mechanism Browser is extended to OptiStruct interfaces.
  • Create and articulate a kinematic mechanism based on FE mesh using available joint types in the Mechanism Browser.
  • In HyperWorks, the browser is invoked through the Mechanism tool in the Assembly ribbon.
Loadstep Inputs Entity
  • New entity to migrate OptiStruct bulk cards from loadcolletor to loadstep inputs entity with engineering configuration.
  • Some of the bulk cards, for example EIGRL, EIGRA, EIGC, NLPARM, NLOUT, NLADAPT, and so forth, are migrated to the loadstep inputs entity.
Visualization Support for LOADADD
  • LOADADD card is mapped to loadcollector entity which is defined with scale factor for each load in the list.
  • Visualization of LOADADD is possible as vector plot or contour including the scale factors from the Solver Browser.
  • Load referenced in LOADADD must be new load management entity.
Nonlinear Analysis Enhancements
  • NLPRINT bulk card supported in loadstep inputs entity to control printing of certain information to the _nl.out file for nonlinear analysis.
  • NLENRG bulk card supported in loadstep inputs entity to print energy variables for implicit nonlinear static and implicit nonlinear transient analyses.
  • BASELIN bulk card supported in loadstep inputs entity to correct the acceleration record to avoid displacement shift.
Optimization Enhancements
  • Method of Moving Asymptotes (MMA) option added to OPTMETH parameter in DOPTPRM card.
  • DTPL card enhanced with LEVELSET continuation line to support level set method in topology.
Thermal Analysis Enhancements
  • IC subcase selection in transient heat transfer subcase allows reference to steady state or transient thermal subcases.
Output Request Enhancements
  • TOTALFORCE option to request total force (a summation of single-point force and applied load).
  • PSDFC option to output PSD, RMS and RMS (cumulated) results from random response analysis.
  • RESULTANT option to enable output of resultant forces and moments for internally generated sections.


General Enhancements
  • Enable Large or Standard format export setting for individual includes.
  • TABLED1/TABLES1/TABLEM1 cards with large precision are exported in comma-separated format by default.
  • DT and N fields in TSTEP export as blank for nonlinear transient analysis.
  • PARAM, LGDISP,-1 removed from OptiStruct interface.

Resolved Issues

  • HyperWorks was missing “export DMIG in large format” option.
  • Export issues with MCOHED card in comma-separated format.
  • NLPCI import issue with undefined type in NLPARM card.
  • SUBID field in IMPERF card does not user defined subcase ID.
  • SORIENT field export issue with contact card.
  • DREPORT can't be activated for a response that is referenced in a constraint.
  • MATHE (OGDEN) bulk card exports undefined fields as zero.
  • Remove obsolete option LOADTEMP from SYSSETTING card.