Bundle (Mixed) Cable

This option allows the construction of complex multi-core cables based on existing cables created from the other cable types.

Figure 1. The CD - Cable cross section definition dialog.


Cross section label
The label of the cross section.
Number of cables
The number of cables that constitutes the bundle cable.
The cross section label.
Offset X
The x offset for the respective cable from the cable path.
Offset Y
The y offset for the respective cable from the cable path.
The rotation of the respective cable relative to the bundle.
Shield label
The label of the shield (as defined in the SH card) to be used (optional).
Insulation material label
The label of the material (as defined in the DI card) to be used as the insulation.
Outer radius
The outer radius of the bundle.
Twisting parameters
Turn direction
Select left or right turn direction for the twisted pair bundle.
Twist pitch length
The axial length in which a twisted pair bundle returns to its original relative position.
Core radius
The radius of the core.
Material label
The medium name of an insulating sheath.
Thickness of the sheath layer
Cable per-unit-length parameters accuracy
The Cable per-unit-length parameters accuracy can be increased from Normal (default) to High or Very high.