AcuSolve performs acoustic computations in flow simulations as a post-processing step.

There are three types of output parameters used.
  • Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA): Specifies output parameters to support CAA post-processing.
  • Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings (FWH): The AcuSolve + AcuFwh interface allows you to simulate fluid flow for the purposes of calculating sound pressure level at a far field location. AcuFwh is designed to be a post-processing tool that uses information from a standard AcuSolve simulation (with acoustic sources) and propagates surface generated pressure disturbances to a location inside or outside of the modeling domain. The AcuFwh tool is a commercially viable implementation of the FWH hybrid approach for computing sound pressure level. This approach is useful for CFD simulations where the physical domain is finite but the location of interest to the observer is often beyond those boundaries.
  • Vibration Acoustics (VAO): Specifies output parameters to support vibro-acoustic outputs.