AcuSolve Command Prompt

As an alternative to the GUI based launch of AcuSolve, once you have the input file and mesh files (MESH.DIR) the AcuSolve solver can be launched in batch process from the AcuSolve command prompt.

To open the command prompt in Windows click Start > All Programs > Altair <version> > AcuSolve Cmd Prompt.

To open the command prompt in Linux, source the file Installation_directory/altair/acusolve/lin64/

The command used for launching AcuSolve is AcuRun. To know the various options of AcuRun use the command acuRun –h. By using the appropriate options you can launch the problem in batch mode.

For example, to launch a problem with the problem name pipe_laminar with the corresponding input file pipe.inp with 12 processors, the following command can be used:
acuRun –np 12 –pb pipe_laminar –inp pipe.inp