AcuDialog Function

This section describes an AcuDialog module and its class arguments which are used for constructing an AcuDialog window (object).


dialog = AcuDialog( parent = None, modal = True,
                            title = u'Dialog Box', icon = None,
                            text = None, tabFlag = False,
                            menus = None, sizeDlg = None,
                            posDlg = None, sizePath = None,
                            posPath = None, helpBaseURL = None,
                            assistant= None )


parent (object)
The parent object of this dialog.
modal (boolean)
A flag indicating that the dialog will be shown modal or modeless. If it is true (default) then it is modal, otherwise it operates independently of the caller.
title (string)
The name of the dialog (displayed on the title bar).
icon (icon)
The icon of dialog which is shown to you.
text (string)
An optional text (that is, default is None) which is written on the top part of the dialog before the menus.
tabFlag (boolean)
A flag says whether or not to use tabs in the menu. If it is True you can put tabs in the dialog and categorize different menus in special tabs.
menus (list)
The definitions (list) of menus for this dialog. Each menu which is defined by using the last chapter function is appended to this argument.
sizeDlg (tuple)
A tuple includes height and width of the dialog.
posDlg (tuple)
A tuple includes X and Y position of the dialog.
A setting includes height and width of the dialog.
posPath (string)
A setting includes X and Y position of the dialog.
helpBaseURL (string)
This is the HTML-URL address containing detail help on the dialog. When you press the F1 key while the cursor is on top of this menu, the assistance help system opens and displays this page.
assistant (boolean)
If it is True a help button is placed on the dialog. Clicking this button will show the help page of the dialog.

Return Value

dialog (object)
an AcuDialog object.




For example,
mnuGeomInfo = AcuDialog.MenuInfo( name = 'Geometry file basename',
                                  tooltip = 'initial geometry file ',
                                  whatsthis = 'Native CAD Model',
                                  helpURL = 'geomFile.htm',
                                  default = basename,
                                  new = True )
menus = ( mnuGeomInfo , mnuGeomFile )
text = "Please select a file of geom extension"
dlg = AcuDialog( modal = True,
                  parent = self,
                  title = "Import the geometry file",
                  text = text,
                  tabFlag = False,
                  menus = menus,
                  helpBaseURL= 'getGeomFile.htm' )