Database Structure

The custom menus may access and update any parameter in the database. If these parameters are the standard ones, AcuDialog's functions will see the new values and change accordingly. As such, it is important to know the structure of the standard database node and parameters.

For using database as the storage place of the AcuDialog values, database file name, node and the parameter's name (par in abbreviation) are required. For example, suppose that your database name is TestDb. You would define node as:
node = ROOT + RS + 'Dialog' + RS + 'Test'
and the parameter's name is unique for each value in the AcuDialog. For example, if you use num_proc as the parameter's name for a MenuInt value with Number of processors name, and the value of a MenuReal with processors frequency name is stored under the proc_freq par name. In AcuDialog's menus you should pass the dbAccess argument to each menu if you want to store the menu's value in the database. The dbAccess value should be set as the following:
dbAccess = ( dbName, node, par )
For example, for MenuReal named as processors frequency, you should pass the dbAccess to this menu as:
dbAccess = ( TestDb, node, 'proc_freq' )

which node was defined above.