Filter Syntax

All entity conditions/properties can be easily inserted into the search string field via the Add as Filter context menu in the Entity Editor.

Using this feature also allows for the correct usage of double quotes and the escape sequences in the filter syntax.

Filter for a property


Filter for all entities with the color red:


Supported logical operators: AND, OR and NOT

Note: These operators must be upper case by default; AND will be inserted if multiple keywords are used for filtering.
Filter for all components with a label containing the word ENGINE:
type:Components AND label:ENGINE

Parentheses can be used to build more complex filter strings

Filter for all components with a label containing either the word ENGINE or SOLID:
type:Components AND (label:ENGINE OR label:SOLID)

Filtering for labels with blanks requires double quotes

Filter for all entities which have the complete label as shown below:

Filtering for labels that contain special characters, such as double quotes and parentheses, requires the escape sequence

Filter for a note that contains a Templex expression:
text:/"{} {entity.label}/"

The wildcard "*" for any number of characters and "?" for exactly one character are supported

If no wildcard is added at the beginning or the end of the filter string, it will be used as if the wildcard "*" is added at both ends. If at one end a wildcard is added, the other end is treated like it is the beginning or end of the filter string.

Filter for all entities that contain the string TORSO in their label:
Filter for all entities that begin with TORSO: