Organize Checks

Organize new and existing checks inside of a user-defined Check Folder.

By default, checks are organized into the ERROR, WARNING, and INFO. You can create your own folder to organize checks in using the Check Folder entity.
Checks with ERROR check-level, identifying modeling issues that need to be fixed to ensure the model to be run by the solver.
Checks with WARNING check-level, identifying modeling recommendations or solver warnings to improve the quality of the model, but are not critical for the model to be run by the solver.
Generic information on the content of the model.
  1. In the Model Checker, right-click and select Create Folder from the context menu.
    A new Check Folder is created, and opens in the Entity Editor.
  2. In the Name field, enter a folder name.
  3. Organize checks inside the newly created Check Folder.
    • Create new checks directly in this folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Create Check from the context menu.
    • Move existing checks by dragging-and-dropping selected checks into the folder.