Create Link Attachments from Attachments

After you have created and defined attachments, you can create connectors from a tolerance search.

You can select the attachments manually or automatically and define their tolerance. Select the desired FE type and whether you would like the connectors realized. The tolerance search will look normal to the hole (within 100) of the created attachment to find other attachments.

  1. In the Connector Browser, right-click and select Create > Subsystem > From Attachments.
    The Create Subsystem Connectors dialog opens.
  2. In the Selection field, choose either Manual or Automatic from the drop-down list.
  3. In the Location entity field, use the Attachments selector to select the appropriate attachments.
  4. For Tolerance, type an appropriate value.
  5. In the FE Type field, select from:
    • bolt (general)
    • bolt (CBAR)
    • rigid patch
  6. To realize the results, activate the Realize checkbox.
  7. Click Create.

    Figure 1.