Create Attachments from Features: Holes

Create attachments from features for holes.

This option is used to create attachments by selecting a part and providing hole tolerances, or selecting a node on the hole and providing hole tolerances. HyperMesh identifies the holes based on the selection and creates attachments at the location.

  1. In the Connector Browser, right-click and select Create > Attachment > From Features.
    The Create Attachment Connectors dialog opens.
  2. In the Search Type field, select Hole from the drop-down list.
  3. For Selection, choose either Automatic or Manual.
  4. If you selected Manual in the previous step, use the Location Entity selector to the select the number of nodes.
  5. In the Filter Entity field, use the Parts selector to select the appropriate parts.
  6. Enter a maximum and minimum dimension and a tolerance value.
  7. In the Attachment Control field, use the Attachment Control selector to select the appropriate attachment control.
    Alternatively, you can right-click on this field and create an attachment control directly.
  8. Click Create to start the process.