Master Connectors File

Most of the information stored in the connector entity can be exported to a master connectors file, which contains connector entity information such as location, link entity, link entity state, link entity rules. The exported file may also contain metadata information stored in the connector.

The master connectors file contains welding information at a given location and also assists in the weld automation process. An exported master connectors file can be re-imported using the connectors reader to re-create connectors.

The master connectors file is exported in a single format. Master connectors files can have comments beginning with the characters # or $, or there can be blank lines in between. The format of the file is fixed and the order of heading definitions cannot be changed. The column information includes:
  • Index (ID)
  • Number of Layers
  • X coordinate
  • Y coordinate
  • Z coordinate
  • FE Config
  • FE Type
  • Number of Links
  • Link Type
  • Link ID and Link Name
  • Link State
  • Link Rule

The header at the beginning of the file specifies information about the column data.

Number of layers defines the thickness to connect at the specified location (X, Y, Z). The data between the brackets are repeated for each link entity.

For standard FE types such as ACM and CWELD, the FE Config will have a number of 1001, which defines your defined type number specified in FE Config File. The FE Type will be the number defined in the FE Config File. For CWELD it is 72.

The data between the brackets (link entity information) in the table are repeated for the number of links (NumLinks). The NumLinks variable must be equal to the number of link entities.

Metadata is an attribute type that can be stored on a entity. User-defined information, such as Station ID or Gun ID, can be stored on the connector entity as Metadata. The Metadata is defined by a name-value pair and is supported for multiple data types, such as int, double and string. The Metadata name is written to the master connectors file in the following format ~<Struct><DataType>Name. <Struct> represents whether the value associated is a single variable or an array. <DataType> represents the type of data stored in the value. For example, a Metadata of name Assembly containing an array of integers is written out as ~AIAssembly.

The only delimiter supported in the entire file is the double semicolon "::".

The entire column of data in the file should be of the same type.

The connectors reader uses the Templex template to read the master connectors file.

By default, the file is read through the HMIN function call, HMIN_CE_CreateDefined.

The connector entity is created with the information specified in the master connectors file and displayed as unrealized (yellow).