Optimisation Parameters

Specify the variables to alter during the optimisation run.

In the model tree (Construct tab), select the relevant search. On the Request tab, in the Optimisation group, click the  Parameters icon.

Figure 1. The Optimisation parameters (Variables tab) dialog.

The optimisation parameters are local to each optimisation search and a valid search must contain at least one active parameter. Any variable defined in CADFEKO is available as an optimisation parameter, for example, physical dimensions, loads and sources (amplitude and phase), provided that a dependency is not implied between optimisation parameters in the same search. Optimisation parameters are added or removed from the list by using the Add and Remove buttons.

For each optimisation parameter a Min value and Max value is required. Optionally a Start value in the variable range can be specified. The starting value effects the optimisation process when randomised techniques are used, for instance, particle swarm optimisation or genetic algorithm. If the Start value is not specified by the user, the value at the centre of the range will be taken as the starting point for the optimisation.