Optimisation Solver Settings

Make adjustments to the optimisation settings for a more computationally efficient solution.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Run/Launch group, click the  dialog launcher.

Figure 1. The Component launch options (Utilities tab) dialog.

Special options related to OPTFEKO are set on the Utilities tab, OPTFEKO group. These settings are as follows:

Restart from solver run
This option may be used if a previous optimisation was interrupted. If this option is selected, then OPTFEKO will attempt to restart the optimisation process from the iteration number provided in the Restart analysis number text box. The optimisation can only be restarted if the temporary files have been kept during a previous optimisation run, see Delete all files (except optimum) below. If solution files are missing for a specific optimisation iteration, OPTFEKO runs the Feko solver to recreate the missing files. If any changes have been made to the model, solution or optimisation settings, OPTFEKO ignores all existing results, and re-compute all results as required.
Delete all files (except optimum)
If this option is selected, then all of the temporary files are deleted during the optimisation process. When the optimisation process is completed (or if the optimisation process is interrupted), the original model, as well as the optimum are available along with all related simulation results. The optimum model and results are indicated by the addition of the string (_optimum) at the end of the file names. If this option is unchecked then no model or result files are deleted during the optimisation process.
Note: This option must be unselected in order to use the Restart from solver run option (above).
Specify number of processes to farm out
This option allows the specification of the distributed computing system when farming out the solutions during an optimisation. The Configure button launches the Machines configuration dialog where the machines in the cluster as well as the number of processes to be launched on each machine is specified. This dialog is identical to cluster configuration for parallel launching.