Parametrised Windscreen Antenna Elements

View the workflow for creating curved parameterised windscreen antenna elements.

  1. Import windscreen glass and antenna boundary.
    • The antenna boundary will be used as the outline for the constrained surface.
  2. Project antenna boundary onto windscreen surface.
    • To ease snapping, the antenna boundary and windscreen surface should be a single part. Union the windscreen and antenna boundary. If the antenna boundary is not coincident with the windscreen surface, project its outline onto the windscreen surface.
  3. Create a constrained surface.
    • The windscreen surface is approximated by a constrained surface specified by a cloud of points, normals and optional UV′ parameters.
  4. Create a work surface.
    • A work surface is created from the constrained surface. The work surface is used to define surface curves in the UV′ parameter space of this surface.
  5. Create windscreen antenna elements.
    • Windscreen antenna elements are defined in the specified work surface using Surface lines, Surface Bézier curves and Surface regular lines curves.
  6. Mesh the model.
    • To prevent the constrained surface from being meshed, exclude the constrained surface in the model.