Launching the Solver

Launch the Solver to calculate the results.

Although optional, this step performs a single Feko solution that facilitates setup of the graphs and display in POSTFEKO to view the optimisation that will subsequently be performed. If this step is skipped, the graphs in POSTFEKO can only be setup after running the optimisation.
  1. Launch the Solver using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Solve/Run tab, in the Run/Launch group, click the  Feko solver icon.
    • On the application launcher toolbar, click the Feko solver icon in the group.
    • Press Alt+4 to use the keyboard shortcut.

The model contains unsaved changes and the Save model dialog is displayed.

  1. Click Yes to save the model and to close the Save model dialog.

The Feko solver is launched and the Executing runfeko dialog is displayed. The Executing runfeko dialog gives step-by-step feedback as the simulation progresses.

  1. Click Details to expand the Executing runfeko to view the step-by-step feedback.