Antenna Coupling Using an Ideal Receiving Antenna

Calculate the coupling between a helix antenna and a Yagi-Uda antenna located in front of a large plate. Reduce computational resources by using the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) and an ideal receiving antenna.

The receiving antenna is modelled with three field types:
  1. far field radiation pattern
  2. far field spherical modes
  3. near field aperture
The results will be compared for all three field types.
Note: The technique requires that the antenna is located an acceptable distance from all other physical structures that may influence the currents on the antenna.
Three models are provided for this example:
  • Antenna_Coupling_Helix_Antenna.cfx: Model of the helix antenna used to pre-calculate the three field types that will be used in the ideal receiving antennas.
  • Antenna_Coupling_Receiving_Antenna.cfx: Model that calculates the antenna coupling using the ideal receiving antenna types.
  • Antenna_Coupling_Full.cfx: Full model for both antennas.

Figure 1. 3D view of the full model.