Antenna Coupling using an Equivalent Source and Ideal Receiving Antenna

Calculate the coupling between two horn antennas separated by 60 wavelengths. A metallic plate between the horn antennas blocks the line-of-sight coupling. Replace the horn antennas with a far field equivalent source and receiving antenna.

Three models are provided for this example. The creation steps are not provided, but the models are included in the installation.
  • Pyramidal_Horn.cfx: Full model of the horn antenna. The far field pattern will be used in the point source and receiving antenna.
  • Point_Source_Coupling.cfx: Model that calculates the antenna coupling using the far field point source and ideal receiving antenna.
  • Full_Model.cfx: Model of the horn antenna used to pre-calculate the three field types that will be used in the ideal receiving antennas.

Figure 1. The full 3D model representation.