Use the Filter Options

Use the filter option to view the job monitoring list.

The default filter option is My Jobs. The filter option that is available:
  • Jobs - My Jobs and All Jobs.
  • Status - based on job status.

    The Job status displayed for PBS Professional workload manager are Running, Completed, Failed, Queued, Hold, Waiting, Exiting, and Suspended.

    The Job status displayed for Altair Grid Engine workload manager are Running, Completed, Failed, Pending, Suspended, and Zombie.

  • Services - jobs that have been submitted to a specific registered server.
  • Applications - jobs for specific application(s).
  • Queues - jobs based on the queue.
  • Time - jobs submitted in a specific time like Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, and All Jobs.
  • Job Type - based on job type like Individual Jobs and Array Jobs.
Note: To expand the category, click the Expand button next to the category. To collapse the category, click the Collapse button
  1. Click the Jobs tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    The job monitoring page is displayed with the list of your jobs.

    Figure 1. Job Summary View
  2. Select the check box of the filter options based on your requirements.
    For example, you can select a subset of jobs such as: all your jobs that are submitted to ShellScript solver which are queued on a particular server.
    Note: You can also search for a particular job based on the Job ID and Job Name using the Search option. The Search criteria will be applied to the Save Filter.
    The job monitoring list will automatically populate with the jobs that match the filter criteria.
    Note: If you select All Jobs filter, then you will not be able to view the input files, output files and running folder files of jobs belonging to other users.

    Figure 2. Filter Option
    Note: Click Reset to change it to the default filter option.