Execute Custom Actions on a Job

Execute custom action while a job is in a particular state.

Custom actions are specific to an application while it is in a particular state, therefore the action may or may not be available depending on the state of your application. For example, if an application action is defined for the ShellScript application in a running state, then the action will only be available while a ShellScript job is running. Application actions are not a mandatory feature of applications, therefore not all applications will have this feature available.

For this example, an application action, Send Signals, has been defined for the application RunningArray. It is only available while the job is running, therefore when you click Custom Actions, the option Send Signals will only be available while the job is in a running state.

  1. Right-click the RunningArray job and select View Details.
    The job summary page for RunningArray is displayed.

    Figure 1. Job Summary View
  2. Click Custom Actions and select Send Signals.

    Figure 2. Custom Actions
    The Custom Actions window is displayed.

    Figure 3. Custom Action
  3. Choose the appropriate custom action argument(s) from the drop-down menu.
    For this example, the RunningArray application requires a choice of which signal to send using the SIGNAL menu. You can choose whether to print, stop or exit the custom action of the job during running state. To print the application action, select Print from the menu.

    Figure 4. Custom Action Option
  4. Click Run.
    A Console tab will be displayed in the job summary.

    Figure 5. Job Information Console Tab