Resource Defaults

Overview of Workload Manager resource defaults.

A resource default can be defined so that it is applied to all jobs either at a server or queue level.

Resources allocated to jobs provide the job with items such as CPUs and memory to be consumed by the job’s processes, as well as qualities such as architecture and host. The resources allocated to a job are those that the job requests and those that are assigned to it through defined resource defaults.

Jobs can explicitly request resources either at the vnode level in chunks or in job-wide resource requests. Additionally, jobs can inherit resource defaults for resources not explicitly requested. For example, if a job does not request walltime, but you do not want jobs not specifying walltime to run for more than 12 hours, you can specify a default of 12 hours for walltime. Jobs that do specify walltime do not inherit this default; they keep their requested amount.

Default resources can be defined for the server and for each queue. Default resources defined at the server are applied to all jobs. Default resources at a queue are applied only to the jobs that are in that queue.