Add a Job-Wide Default Resource

Specify a job-wide default resource.

  1. Click the Configure tab.
  2. Choose the HPC to configure.

    Choose an HPC
    Figure 1. Choose an HPC
  3. Click Defaults from the PBS Professional menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
  4. Click .

    Resource Defaults
    Figure 2. Resource Defaults
  5. For Type, choose Resource.
  6. For Resource, choose a resource.
    The resource can be a built-in or a custom resource.
  7. For Scope, choose one of the following options to specify the scope of the default.
    • Server - Specify a server-level job-wide default resource.
    • Queue Name - Specify a default for a job-wide resource for a specific queue.
  8. For Value, enter the default value of the resource.
  9. Click to add the resource default.