Add an HPC Cluster

Connect to an HPC cluster so that you can monitor job and nodes and configure the Workload Manager. Adding a cluster in configure also adds them to the optional Dashboard and Node management pages.

Before you can add an HPC cluster certain requirements must be met. For more information see Requirements for Adding an HPC Cluster and HPC Cluster Accessibility.
  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • Click the Monitor tab to monitor and manage HPC cluster jobs and nodes.
    • Click the Configure tab to configure an HPC cluster by changing Workload Manager settings, queues and resources.
  2. Click Manage Clusters.
    A dialog box appears where information about the cluster is entered.

    Manage Clusters
    Figure 1. Manage Clusters
  3. For Cluster Name, enter the name of the cluster as it will appear in the Control web application.
    The cluster name must be 20 characters or less.
    Tip: Use the unique name supplied during the installation of the Data Collector so that analytics data is tracked separately for PBS Complexes having the same Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
  4. For Host, enter the cluster's host name by entering its:
    • IP address - a four-part number string such as
    • Host name - a text string such as
  5. Click Show Advanced Options.

    Advanced Options
    Figure 2. Advanced Options
  6. For SSH Port, enter the SSH port that the machine hosting the PBS Server listens on.
    Change the SSH port if the machine hosting the PBS Server has been configured to run SSH on a non-default port.
  7. For Username and Password, enter the username and password of an authenticated user on the machine hosting the PBS Server.

    Once the cluster is added, subsequent administrative actions are performed as the credentials utilized while adding the cluster. It is recommended to add the cluster using the credentials of someone with PBS Manager privileges. Connecting to a cluster using non-managerial credentials will severely limit the administrative actions that can be performed, however monitoring capabilities will not be affected.

  8. Click Add.
    The cluster is added.

    The following notification is displayed to any users that have been granted access to the HPC cluster based on their role, all Managers, and the user who added the cluster:

    Your view is updated to reflect the privilege changes in cluster: CLUSTER
    where CLUSTER is the name specified for the cluster.
  9. Choose one of the following options:
    • Repeat steps 3 through 8 to add another cluster.
    • Click Close to close the Manage Clusters dialog box.
If the cluster was added via the Monitor tab, then you may now begin monitoring and managing the HPC cluster's job and nodes. If the cluster was added via the Configure tab, then you may now begin configuring the Workload Manager.