Object Information

Obtain information about objects in the database using the object information tool.

The Object Information Tool can be started by selecting Analysis > Object Information from the Analysis menu or by pressing the corresponding button on the Analysis toolbar. If the tool is active, tool tips showing information about the modeled nodes will be displayed while the mouse cursor is above a node.

Figure 1. Example of the Object Information tool.

After clicking on a node, all available connectivity results related to the selected node will be displayed in a dialog.

Figure 2. Node Information dialog.
Selected Node
Some details of the selected node, such as type and location.
Results of Node
Computed result values of selected node.
Connectivity of Node
The lower section of the dialog shows the connectivity of the selected node, thus the information flow paths originating at the selected node. In case the selected node has multiple transceivers, the transceiver to be considered can be selected using the drop-down list.

The number of available paths and the selected path filters (Local Settings > Display) is depicted as well.

Note: All tools can be closed by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard. In this case the active operation will be canceled and the Selection Tool will be activated.