Define Prediction Area

Define an area for the prediction manually or graphically.

The prediction area can be defined either manually using the Prediction tab of the System Configuration dialog or graphically using the Prediction Area Tool. The Prediction Area Tool can be started by selecting Project > Define Prediction Area (Rectangle) from the Project menu or by pressing the corresponding button on the Project toolbar. After the tool is started, the mouse cursor changes to a cross and the prediction area can be drawn. The first left-click defines an arbitrary corner point of the area. The area can be adjusted while moving the mouse. A second click ends the tool and assigns the new prediction area. The defined prediction area will be displayed with a red rectangle in the 2D View as long as the computation mode for Wave Propagation Predictions is not set to point-to-point for node locations on the System Configuration dialog.

Note: The maximum size of the prediction area is automatically limited to the maximum size of the environment database.

All tools can be closed by pressing the Esc key. In this case the active operation will be canceled and the Selection Tool will be activated.