Altair® Monarch® Server


Creating a Project File with the Project Editor

Let’s try creating our project file via the Project Editor. To open the Project Editor, on the Navigation Tree, click Automator > Standard Processes, and select Project Editor.

When creating a new project file via the Project Editor, you may perform the following steps:

q  Specify general settings - General settings specify an author for the project file, its name and provide a description of it.

q  Specify a model setting - When you specify a model setting, you assign a model to the project, and specify the desired verification settings, if any.

q  Specify input settings - Input settings specify the input file type (i.e., text or database), the input file(s) you want to assign to the project, how multiple input files should be grouped, etc.

q  Specify export settings - When you specify project export settings, you specify an export (or exports) of export files and specify any distribution actions you want to apply to them.

q  Specify prerequisite settings - When you specify prerequisite settings, you add a file prerequisite or a command line prerequisite to the project. Any prerequisites you add must first be met if the associated process is to run.

q  Specify script settings - Script settings allow you to, among other things, specify pre-export and post-export scripts to modify the input and export files.



Depending on your needs, not all of these steps may have to be performed. Specifying general and model settings is enough to create a project file.