Altair® Monarch® Server



Altair Monarch Server Automation Edition is designed to be used in conjunction with Altair Monarch Complete, a data extraction and analysis tool that lets you view, analyze, extract, and print data from existing computer reports. Any structured report that is used in your organization can be utilized by Monarch Complete. When Monarch Complete "reads" a report file, instead of producing a hard copy printout with words and numbers frozen on the page, Monarch Complete creates a soft copy of the report on screen, with live data you can work with.

Features and Functions

Automator has the following capabilities:

q  Automated conversion of data from TXT, PDF, ISAM, XPS, and OLE DB/ODBC sources to an ISAM, or OLE DB/ODBC (for example, SQL Server, Oracle) target by scheduled or event-driven execution via monitored folders.

q  Email distribution of PDF, ISAM, and Open XML Spreadsheets

q  File system and SharePoint distribution of input and export files

q  RSS publication

q  Creation of logs and alerts resulting from operations

q  User creation of pre-processes and post-processes using VB.NET Scripting

q  Scheduled administration of job logs and database entries




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