Altair® Monarch®


About Data Prep Studio

Altair Monarch Data Prep Studio (Data Prep Studio) is a powerful solution offered in Altair Monarch Complete that is designed to address most rapid data preparation needs. With Monarch Data Prep Studio, you gain access to:

  • Drag and drop parsing and extraction

  • Report discovery and data combination

  • Real-time data preparation

  • Export capability to a number of file types

Monarch Data Prep Studio provides easy-to-use interfaces to:

  • Add data sources

  • Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you to easily load information from databases, reports, HTML pages, and so much more. Special preview functionality allows you to review the information and check the quality of the data before loading these into the Monarch Data Prep Studio workspace.

  • Extract data from PDF and PRN reports

  • Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you to systematically extract data from PDF and PRN report files to create tables with meaningful information.

  • Combine disparate data sources

  • Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you to easily integrate information from seemingly incompatible data sources to give you a complete view of your organization.

  • Clean and transform your data

  • Monarch Data Prep Studio's data preparation capabilities include pre-built functions to speed the transformation of your data into consistent, clean analysis-ready information.

    It allows you to consolidate and harmonize data, filling in necessary gaps along the way, to create one consistent, actionable resource for analysis.

    Advanced transformation capabilities allow you to remove empty rows, group by columns, and pivot the table.

  • Export clean data to several formats

  • Export and leverage prepared data for various tasks with native support for a number of popular visualization and advanced analytics tools.


Data Prep Studio access requires a Monarch Complete license. If your Monarch license does not provide for this solution and you wish to take advantage of Data Prep Studio's capabilities or would like more information on these applications, contact Altair Sales.

While Monarch Complete and, therefore, Data Prep Studio, can be used on a trial basis, this version of the software allows only:

  • Exports (named and quick) of the first 10 rows of a table

  • Copying of the first 10 rows of tables in the Prepare window