Altair® Monarch®


Report Design Basics

Monarch Data Prep Studio is not limited to working with databases and tables. You can also open a PDF/PRN report and select the fields that you want to include in a table. Once the table has been completely defined, it is included in the Preview Window from where you can load and combine it with other available tables.


  1. Open your PDF/PRN document.

  2. You can:

    You are brought to the Report Design Window:


  3. Define templates to extract the data from your document:

  4. When your trapping operations are completed, Monarch Data Prep Studio will create a new column for each field that you define and populate that column with similar field values:


  5. Select Accept to complete Report Design. The table you just defined is included in the Preview Window as a Monarch report node.

  6. You can load multiple reports into this node by clicking on the drop-down button located to the right of the parent table and then selecting Report Options > Add Report.


    Note, however, that added reports must have the same format and be of the same file type to enable correct data capture.



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