Configuration File

The configuration file defines all relevant parameters to start a simulation including the geometry definition, phase properties and numerical parameters.

In the following, the contents of the config-file are explained.

Vector components need to be given in quotation marks.

All input files (.txt and .cfg) should be in ASCII format (not UTF-8 or any other). Files of different formats could be valid, but can also cause problems. Therefore, it is strong best practice to always use ASCII format.

Each section of the configuration file is presented with exemplary data and the possible contents are explained for each variable. If a parameter has a default value it can be omitted in the configuration file and will be set internally. Variables without default value need to be set (however, for example motion definitions of course do not need to be set if no motion is defined).
Attention: nanoFluidX uses SI units for all of its parameters, with the exception of rotational vector definition, which can be specified in desired units, and phase shift angles for conrod and oscillate motions, which are specified in degrees.