TeimOrbit 2D Road Type: plank or cleat

If the ROAD_TYPE is set to cleat, COSIN/road searches and reads the following data items in the [PARAMETERS] section:
Name of input variable Unit Meaning
height length Height of plank/cleat.
start length Start of plank/cleat (travel distance).
length length Length of plank/cleat, measured along x axis.
bevel_edge_length length Length of bevel edge, measured along x axis. Bevel edge has 45 degree slope. With edge_rounded = 1, rounded corners instead of bevel edges are used. In this case, bevel_edge_length is the radius of the corner.
edge_rounded 0/1
Edge is rounded
Edge is linear, not rounded.
direction angle Direction of plank/cleat relative to y axis. direction = 0 if plank/cleat is placed crosswise.
mu_factor_cleat - Friction value factor on plank/cleat.