Run the Current Model

  1. From the SolverMode menu, select ADAMS or Abaqus as the solver.
  2. In the Run Solver panel, select Save and run current model from the radio buttons in the top-left of the panel.
  3. Click the file browser icon.
    The Save As dialog is displayed.
  4. Indicate the root name of the solver file to be created.
    You do not need to include an extension on the filename. MotionView automatically generates an .adm file and an .acf command file using the root name you provide. The name of an existing file can be selected using the file browser.
    Note: In the file browser field on the Run Solver panel, the last filename indicated is the default.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select an analysis task from the Analysis option menu.
    If no analysis tasks appear in the pick list, you must add a task to the current model using the Task Wizard from the Analyze tool set.
  7. From the Script option menu, select the solver execution script used to run the model.
    MotionView displays the default script specified in the analysis definition. This default can be overridden.
  8. Click Run.
    MotionView writes out the corresponding files required by the solver to run and also executes the script that is referenced in the Run panel.

    A message window is displayed monitoring the progress of the run.

  9. If a report definition is included in the analysis definition when the run is complete, from the Analysis menu, select View Report to add the results of the run to your current session.
  • Check Export MDL snapshot to save a copy of the MDL file in the current state at which the model is being submitted to the solver.
  • Check Export MDL animation file to write an .maf file which can be loaded as a model in HyperView to view results with .mrf.
  • Click Animate to animate the results in a HyperView window after the solution is completed.
  • Click Plot to plot the results in a HyperGraph window after the solution is completed.