Create a Model

After creating a study, you must create a model.
  1. Click the Next arrow twice to continue on to the Define models step, or click Define models in the study Explorer.
  2. Click on the Add Model button ().
    The HyperStudy - Add Model dialog is displayed.

    Figure 1.
  3. Under Select Type, activate the MotionView option and specify a Label and variable name (Varname). Or, accept the default options and click OK.
    The HyperStudy - Add Model dialog is closed and a model is added to the Models table.
    Note: The type of model that is loaded will determine the Solver options.
  4. In the Solver input file column, specify a file name for the solver input file.

    Figure 2. Defining a Model in HyperStudy
  5. To delete a model, select the model from the table and click on the Remove Model button ().