ABAQUS File to Altair Formats

Provides three options for translating an ABAQUS FIL file into formats that can be read by MotionView.

You can access this utility from the Tools menu > Custom Wizards sub-menu.

Figure 1. ABAQUS File to Altair File Custom Wizard
Select Translator Type From this drop-down menu, select one of the following translation types:
  FIL to MRF Converts Abaqus results, coming from MDL > ABAQUS, into an Altair MRF file, which can be used in HyperView. The resulting MDL/MRF pair in HyperView provides the necessary data to animate the Abaqus run (which was based on MDL).
  FIL to ABF Converts Abaqus results into an Altair ABF file, which can be read into HyperGraph.
  FIL to TAB Translates Abaqus results into a Summary TAB readable format
  After selecting a translation type, click Next to advance to the next page in the dialog.

Enter the source file and output file names as well as the directory to which you want to save the file.

Message Log Displays the Message Log.
Back/Next Go to the previous or next window.
Cancel Exit the dialog.