Add and Select a Point Entity

  1. Activate a point collector on any panel.

    Figure 1. Activated point collector on a joint panel
  2. Hover the mouse over an edge or a surface of a graphic entity mentioned above (Cylinder, Box, or CADGraphic). The location where the point can be created is indicated with a cross.
    • A red cross indicates the current location where the point would be created if clicked.
    • A yellow cross indicates other potential locations for the point.
    • To pick any of the locations at the red cross, move the mouse towards that location. When the mouse cursor is closer to the location, the yellow cross turns red.
    • When the cursor is on an edge away from any of its vertices, the center of the edge is the only location available for creating/selecting the point.
    Points can be added using following graphics entities:
    Straight edge (edge center or at either ends)

    Figure 2. Point on edge at center, Point on edge at end
    Closed/Open circular edge (at either ends or circle/arc center)

    Figure 3. Point at closed circle center, Point at closed circle end

    Figure 4. Point at arc center
    Spline edge (at either ends or edge center)

    Figure 5. Point at spline center
    Cylindrical surface (center of axis)

    Figure 6. Point at cylindrical surface center
  3. Click to create/add a point at that location.
    The point is automatically selected in the collector.
    Note: A label and varname is automatically assigned to the newly created point. This newly created point is simultaneously used in the panel of the parent entity being created.