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Moldflow User Profile

Moldflow User Profile

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Moldflow User Profile

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Whenever the Moldflow user profile is loaded, it automatically sets the current FE-Output template to Moldflow. It should be noted, however, that this template is mainly used for defining the cards and not for exporting. The export macro manages the export. It is partially performed (nodes/elements) via the template, with the remaining steps performed using the Tcl interface.

The Moldflow Utility menu provides a process flow and options to facilitate the creation of models for Moldflow analysis. You must use the Utility menu to create data decks (except under special conditions).

The Moldflow Utility menu allows you to utilize powerful HyperMesh-based tools such as geometry-cleanup, midsurface extraction, auto-meshing, and CFD-tetrameshing to prepare data for analysis in Moldflow and export it to native Moldflow formats. You can export all three types: Midplane, Fusion, and Flow3D. Options for designing cooling circuits and feed systems are also included.

The Utility menu buttons are organized from top to bottom, representing the process flow.  Because meshing is a complex process, you may not be able to follow this exact sequence and may need to use other panels. The sequence of major steps is:

Importing Data
Working with Surfaces
Creating Lines
Generating Mesh
Designing Circuits
Checking Quality
Exporting Data


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