NVH Director 2021 Release Notes

New Features

HyperWorks NVH
A separate shortcut to invoke Hyperworks NVH. NVHD assembly building features and functionalities are arranged in Assemble, Analyze, and Tools ribbons. NVHD post-processing functionalities are arranged in Post ribbon.

Figure 1. Assembly Ribbon

Figure 2. Analyze Ribbon

Figure 3. Tools Ribbon

Figure 4. Post Ribbon
Analysis Manager with Multiple Configuration Support
Analysis manager is redesigned to support multiple model configurations. Capability to create model configurations, analysis loadcase, and analysis setup in a modular way. An analysis can be created or batch runs can be submitted for possible valid combinations of model configuration, analysis loadcase, and analysis setup. Users can also review multiple analysis for quick comparison between different analysis.
CAE Data Management and Versioning
New feature for CAE Data Management and file-based versioning of Assembly XMLs and Representation files has been added, with the capability to version at multiple levels: team Vs analyst, major Vs minor. Access control with possibility to assign roles to users for editing and/or viewing. Effective management of tracking up-to-date files and file conflicts with clear traceability of individual and team changes allowing possibility of exchange data between different projects and/or previous versions.
CDTire Support for Cavity
Enhancement in the CDTire to support tire cavity and rolling effects and evaluate its performance on vehicle NVH responses.
Modal Participation for ERP
Enhancement in the Modal/Panel participation utility to support post-processing and diagnostics of modal participations for ERP.


Network View
  • Interaction between network view, assembly browser and graphics area
  • Visualize Post-card image of module on hover over modules in network view
  • Option to select configurations
  • Option to realize/unrealize connections
  • Option to get information on mass of modules and connections
  • Option to prepare module
  • Option of subsystem analysis
  • Color palette for advanced connections
Assembly XML Import Performance
Significant performance improvement in the assembly XML import resulting from improvements in template import performance and saving HM file for that assembly instant.
On-the-fly diagnostics computation for grid participation
Enhancement in the integrated diagnostics to compute grid participation on-the-fly for road inputs and powertrain excitations. Display options and filters for diagnostics plots.
Engine Mounts Optimization
Enhancement in engine mount optimization to perform reliability-based optimization (RBDO) in addition to existing deterministic optimization.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue related to identification of nodes in PreTest utility after animation of modes
  • Issue related to DPR plot with legend showing between 0 to 1 only
  • Issue related to saving of subxmls in Preserve mode where all subxmls were saving instead of only selected subxmls
  • Issue related to rendering of configuration specific connections