HyperWorks Report 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Reporting in HyperWorks
All functionalities are arranged in the Report ribbon. This ribbon is accessible from all applications in HyperWorks.

Figure 1. Report Ribbon for Document Reports

Figure 2. Report Ribbon for Presentation Reports
Predefined - Generate Predefined Reports with One Click
Session Report
Capture your session, with all pages and windows, into a Report. Choose a format at the time of export.

Figure 3. Session Report
Model Summary
Capture the model information in a Report. Choose the format at the time of export. Options include presentation, document, or HTML.

Figure 4. Model Summary
Perform all report actions, such as create a new report in Presentation or Document/HTML, load the report structure from a report template, save the report template, execute, export, and synchronize in just a single click.
Add Item
Add document and presentation report items directly from the Report ribbon.
Add Module
Add modules directly from the Report ribbon. All existing modules are grouped to their focused functionalities - Model Info, Results, and Capture.
Create HTML Reports
Use the Report tool to create reports in the HTML (*.html) format. Edit the default master template or select a predefined master template from the preferences to generate the HTML report output. HTML format reports can be created from Predefined reports or Document reports workflows.

Figure 5. Save as HTML


Global Preferences
Change the default report type and update the master document preferences. This master document is used for all types of Reports created from the session, both Predefined and User-defined Reports.

Figure 6. Preferences
Modules and Module Groups
The following modules have been added:
Unit System
Get the unit system of the model in a table.
Standard Views
Get the images of the model in your HyperMesh window in the Standard view modes: ISO, Left, Top, and Front view.
Coordinate Systems
Get the list and information for the global and all local systems in the model.
Model Statistics
This module supports the HyperMesh window to get the model mesh statistics.
Model Size and Dimensions
Get the model mass, size, and inertia information in a tabulated format.
Component List
Get the list of all components with their properties, material assignments, mass, and inertia information. Information listed in the Component browser view can also be replicated via this module.
Mesh Quality Statistics
Get the quality statistics for a 2D and 3D mesh from your model.
Connection Statistics
Get the connection types and their information listed in tabulated form. Information listed in the Connection browser view can also be replicated via this module.
With the addition of new modules, the modules have been grouped into 3 categories to locate them easily:
Model Info
Lists all modules that fetch information regarding a model. All modules used for Model Summary Report along with the Entity overview module are listed in this category.
Lists modules that fetch information related to Results – Loop Results, Modal Analysis Summary, and the Matrix browser script.
Lists modules related to capturing images from the session.
Launching Performance
Report instance launch performance has been improved, launching 50% faster.

Figure 7. Report Launch TIme

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a future release:
  • For the Synchronize feature to work completely in Linux, the report file must be kept closed.
  • When a new Excel file path is specified and synchronized on Linux, the file path of the Excel item cannot be synchronized with the report output.
  • Session Report in the HTML output format has limitations with TableView and TextView data.

Resolved Issues

  • Capture pages and windows modules have some failures with HyperGraph windows.
  • On Linux, the table style changed after export.
  • Some issues when launching Report from HyperWorks network installations.