Altair MediaView 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Video Post Processing and Correlation in HyperWorks
MediaView is fully integrated into HyperWorks. All standard functionality is available with an updated workflow. Commonly used tools are organized in a new Media ribbon.

Figure 1. Media Ribbon
Use the View toolbar to control the view and display/visualization.

Figure 2. View Toolbar


Video Settings
From the View toolbar, use Settings to change edge enhancement and picture settings. New settings include Hue, Saturation, and Sharpness. These settings are local to the video loaded currently in the MediaView window and the instances of the same video in the same session.

Figure 3. Video Settings
Video Preferences
Additional video preferences to change picture settings, such as Hue, Saturation, and Sharpness, are available. The settings applied affect the entire session, on all MediaView windows. These settings are preserved in the HyperWorks settings files and are carried to the next session.

Figure 4. File menu > Preferences - MediaView in HyperWorks

Figure 5. Preferences menu > Options - MediaView
Convert Video to MJPEG
The standard HyperWorks installation contains an external video converter for video codec conversion while reading the file into MediaView. This ensures the video is in the correct format for optimal quality and performance. To use this, select Always convert video to MJPEG from the MediaView Preferences/Options.