Marine 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Beam to Shell
New feature to generate either surfaces or shell mesh equivalent to beam midmesh.
  • Either stitched to original beam nodes or inflated in-place
  • Supports thinwall standard beamsections
    • All kinds of T, L, I, Z sections
    • Hats
    • Bulbs and variants
    • Boxes
    • Bars are considered as flatbar

Figure 1.
Open Class 3D Exchange (OCX)
This new version introduce support for OCX v2.8.5 xml schema as CAD import formats. OCX is intended to become an open industry standard for the exchange of design information between designer/yards and classification societies.

Figure 2.


Exodus interface
Marine tools such as Stiffener Meshing and CAD Properties have been extended to support Exodus solver profile.

Resolved Issues

  • Foran CAD reader used to create old Assemblies instead of Parts/PartAssemblies. This issue has been fixed.